Turkish Radio Television Corporation / İstanbul
Publish Date: 1/16/2023

We are looking for a colleague to work for our Strategy team in the International Digital News Department as a Producer for Emerging Platforms and Formats in İstanbul.

Job Description

  • Research content and formats and come up with ideas

  • Look out and keep abreast of trends and internet subcultures

  • Experiment with any new format on emerging or existing platforms

  • Identify and execute on novel ways to use native platform features to aid storytelling

  • Be the voice and ambassador of younger audience in our productions


  • University degree,

  • Minimum 2+ years in digital media or related field,

  • Proven track of experience in content production on news or social media,

  • Proven track of success in script writing, producing and preferably, presenting,

  • Proven track of success in account growth via a particular content type/series,

  • Technical knowledge of at least two social media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram),

  • Understanding of editorial products and processes,

  • Ability to lead and execute on ideas/initiatives,

  • Social media and the internet content native, 

  • Fluency in English,

  • Deep understanding of audience types, social media formats, what works and what does not on the internet sphere,

  • Shooting and editing on mobile is preferred (native in-app production, e.g. TikTok),

  • Working knowledge of a second language is an asset.

Application deadline: 2/16/2023 00:00