Headquarter Campus


We take yearly applications for our kindergarten admission. All groups are led by experienced educators.

We are happy to offer your children 3 different playgrounds, an own dining hall, and different playgroups grouped by age.


We offer a healthcare centre including various specializations like otorhinolaryngology, internal medicine, pediatric and dentistry. 

The centre also includes micro- and biology laboratories and can make necessary blood and hormone tests. We are happy to share that your dependents can benefit from our healthcare professionals, too.

Sports Facilities

You can use our tennis court, basketball court, football pitch and one of 2 squash areas to escape from the daily rush and enjoy your spare time with your colleagues or alone.


You can join our guided sports groups like pilates or Zumba or you can use the gym to gain strength and stay in shape or you might like to prepare your fitness plan with our professionals.


We offer a rich library in our headquarter where you can assess most of your desired readings.


You can visit a valuable collection of items that have been collected throughout the times that TRT has witnessed.
The museum is open for public visitors as well every weekday from 10:00 -17:00.

TRT Market

You can shop from TRT Market and get our branded items either for yourself or to surprise your friends and family


You can visit our bank branch inside our headquarter campus between 09:00-17:00 without leaving.


You can visit our bank branch inside our headquarter campus between 09:00-17:00 without leaving.

PTT Post Office

You can visit the post office on the campus during weekdays between 09:00-17:00 for your personal usage without leaving our facilities.

Dining Hall

Meals are prepared by our cooks in our own kitchen. All hygiene and health risks are constantly checked and eliminated. We also calculate and share your meals’ calories so you know what you eat.

The Club

You can visit our cafes for lunch and dinner during weekdays and for breakfast and dinner on weekends with your friends, family or guests.

Türkçeye Gönül Verenler

We value the correct usage of the Turkish language. You can join our volunteer groups to create projects to promote learning and using a plain language.

Employees’ Choir

Colleges from different departments form our choir and prepare for their concerts. You can join them and enjoy the music.


You can choose from various cafes at the campus to have a quick meal or meet friends.

Green Campus

We are located in a very green and quiet place. Enjoy the nature and relax.