Translator (English, Arabic, Urdu and Spanish)

Türkiye Radyo Televizyon Kurumu / İstanbul / Turkey
Publish Date: 6.1.2022

TRT Network is looking for translators with 2+ years of experience to be part of our highly motivated platform localisation team in Istanbul.

The translator will be responsible for providing high quality translations of full episodes of shows, movies and children's content as well as translating posts for social media.

The successful candidate needs to be proficient in translating from Turkish to either English, Arabic, Urdu or Spanish.


  • Work together with various teams to coordinate translation priorities,

  • Provide full translated content in the correct formats,

  • Ability to transcribe Turkish video/audio and then translate content to relevant language,

  • Ability to contextually translate content for subtitling on shows,

  • Translate social media posts to various languages as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field or 2+ years of relevant work experience, 

  • High level of proficiency in Turkish and one of the following: English, Arabic, Urdu or Spanish,

  • Proficiency in working with media files,

  • Experience working with digital media space (preferably relevant industry),

  • Excellent command of writing ability in both Turkish and relevant language,

  • Strong ability to prioritize projects based on short and long-term needs,

  • Comfortable to develop creative and fast paced asset production,

  • Be a self-starter who comes up with new approaches,

  • Competency in using visual editing software is a bonus.
Application deadline: 4.12.2022 00:00