Senior Data Scientist

Türkiye Radyo Televizyon Kurumu / İstanbul
Publish Date: 21.7.2022

TRT Network

As TRT Network, we believe in reaching our audiences on their preferred platforms through innovative formats that make us relatable to our community. Be it in our websites, social channels like Facebook and Twitter or in our very own digital entertainment platforms, we’re looking for a candidate who understands and shares our goals to create a unique user/audience experience for each platform.

Data & Analytics Team

The Digital Data & Analytics Team consists of Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning teams which work very closely with each other as well as external business units from content and product teams. Our role is to collect, transfer,transform, aggregate and use data to provide proactive services to business units with both holistic and detail-oriented approaches. We visualise, model and analyse data to extract useful insights that are extremely valuable instrategic decision-making partnerships.

This Role: Senior Data Scientist

The Senior Data Scientist reports to the Data Science Team Lead. He/She is self-motivated and responsible for addressing the needs of business units,thus interpersonal skills are important as much as strong technical capabilities. We expect him/her to make best use of our resources to create the best. The successful candidate must have demonstrated experience in managing and leading data science tasks across structured data accumulating in real-time as well as unstructured media. Preferably, He/She has experience working for a digital brand in a similar role.


He/She will be responsible for:

●      Being a part of ever-growing Data Science team and working at various projects

●      Analyzing and understanding real-time and historical as well as structured and unstructured data types

●      Designing data pipelines while executing tasks end to end from aggregation to creating insightful data visualizations

●      Transforming the data into statistical explorations

●      Building machine-learning/predictive algorithms such as regression,decision trees, random forests, etc.

●      Making necessary developments for the automation of models on cloud(AWS, GCP, MS Azure etc.) and on premise.

●     Contributing to continuous improvement by sharing technical knowledge and experience


Although an academic background in a related subject is preferred, more important is a passion for working with complex datasets and solving problems. A solid understanding of Machine Learning, plus either Python or Spark is essential.

Your Technical Competencies;

●      Degree in a computational field related to mathematics, computer science or related data centric areas.

●      More than 5 years of hands on experience in data science or data analysis related position.

●      Have strong proficiency in SQL.

●      Experience working with data visualization tools and creating data visualization concepts.

●      Expertise of implementing data infrastructures by using GCP (BigQuery,Dataflow, Dataproc etc), or AWS (RedShift, , Lambda, Athena, ECS, EC2 etc) or MS Azure.

●      Proficiency with programming languages such as Python and/or Spark.

●      Good understanding of statistical modelling, predictive modelling,machine-learning, clustering and classification techniques, and algorithms.

●      Strong knowledge in at least a few of the following fields: Churn Prediction,Customer Segmentation, and Predictive Analytics.

●      Working experience with high volume, heterogeneous data using distributed systems

●      Working knowledge in Docker.

●      Experience working in Agile teams (Scrum, Kanban)

●      Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills — you’ll be meeting with stakeholders to address their needs using your data science skills.

●      A critical thinker with very strong attention to details.

●      Strong intellectual curiosity and proactive thinking

●      Excellent analytical skills and strategic thinking, creative problem solver capabilities

●      Strong interpersonal credibility, reliability, and service mentality,high ethical standards

●      Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

Application deadline: 21.8.2022 00:00